Oxford Science, Inc. contributes to the veterinary diagnostic market by offering the most advanced veterinary products and services for animal hospitals and research laboratories in the USA and internationally. The NEW GenesisTM Hematology Analysis System utilizes proven dual laser and impedance technology to provide a 6 Part-Diff with Reticulocytes. The GenesisTM Autosampler is a walk-a-way system that will mix, sample and process up to 5 separate samples using only 20uL of blood.

GenesisTM, A New Era of Analyzer Is Upon Us

Introducing GENESISTM, a fully automated 5-sample standard analyzer. The GENESISTM uses Smart SoftwareSM, which automates all maintenance procedures. Quality control is performed on each blood sample using the combination of Laser, Impedance, and Hb LED Technology. During cellular analysis, impedance, the “Gold Standard” is used for counting and sizing each cell, while “State of the Art” Laser technology is used for intracellular complexity and lobularity measurements.